‘ Cooperative Conversations is the brainchild of Ian Plowman, an Australian facilitator, consultant and social researcher with over thirty years experience as an organisational psychologist.  Ian holds a PhD in Management Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Organisational Psychology, an Advanced Master’s Degree in Business Administration and an Honours Degree in Clinical Psychology. 


‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’

Korean parable. While we are willing to assist clients address their immediate issue, our desire is to empower rather than just ‘fix’.  We will have done our job through leaving you, the client, with a legacy of skills, knowledge, insights and confidence to tackle, for yourself, similar issues in the future.

Do no harm.  We acknowledge the delicate balance that needs to be maintained between the economic, the social and the environmental.  

We have no wish to support economic goals that come at a social or environmental cost.



For the past 25 years, Ian has worked as an educator, coach and facilitator in corporate, community, university, and government settings.  Developed through Ian's work as a coach and educator of Board of Directors, management teams, and service delivery teams, and supported by research and academic study, Cooperative Conversations are a counterintuitive suite of tools and techniques that make meetings matter. 

Our Associates are hand-picked professionals who provide coaching, mentoring and professional support to clients in Australia and overseas.

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Partnering, Licencing AND Franchising

‘Cooperative Conversations’ is a suite of skills and tools protected by Trade Mark and Copyright laws.

With its capacity to generate benefits such as increased time, increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved morale, ‘Cooperative Conversations’ offer a very attractive product.  We are happy to partner with other organisations who wish to bring ‘Cooperative Conversations’ to their clients. 

We are willing to discuss licensing/franchising arrangements, giving you the right to provide Cooperative Conversation skills within your organisation or in a defined geographic region.

A person is more likely to change their mind when they don’t have to.