Cooperative Conversations:  What are the benefits?

Any savvy manager, before taking on an investment in ‘Cooperative Conversations’, would want to understand the RETURN ON INVESTMENT, including:


Shorter meetings

When guided by ‘Cooperative Conversations’, our meetings will now take substantially less time.  In fact, a 50% reduction in meeting time is possible.  Consider what that means to your organisation in both dollar terms and increased productivity.

Fewer meetings

 Because we are now clearer about the purpose of our meetings and what we seek to gain from them, we no longer call a meeting for meeting's sake.

Wiser decisions

By following the ‘Cooperative Conversations’ protocols, we now better understand the issues we are dealing with and, armed with that greater appreciation together with new decision tools that harvest everyone’s wisdom, our decisions are now more robust.

Elimination of conflict

‘Cooperative Conversations’ provides participants with the tools that permit, indeed encourage, differences of opinion while avoiding conflict.  Further, participants learn techniques for exploring and bridging those differences of opinion in constructive ways.

Faster organisation-wide communication: 

For organisations that are hierarchical in structure and/or geographically dispersed, the speed and accuracy of horizontal and vertical communication confers a competitive advantage.  ‘Cooperative Conversations’ provide a mechanism for rapid diffusion of ideas in any direction.  This enables early warning messages of opportunities and threats to be rapidly conveyed upwards to the point where they can most effectively be dealt with, as well as rapid dissemination of guidance from senior officers to those charged with execution of that guidance.

Unleashed innovation  

Whereas conventional meeting processes effectively stifle creativity, one of the great strengths of ‘Cooperative Conversations’ is the way in which the processes liberate creativity, which can come from any person at any level, and then nurtures that creativity by harnessing and focusing collective energy. 

Improved morale

‘Cooperative Conversations’ treat all participants equally and with dignity.  Participation by everyone present is encouraged; all opinions are sought and respected and conflict is eliminated.  In consequence, every meeting using ‘Cooperative Conversations’ is a de-facto team building exercise.  This occurs because people’s experiences with each other are only positive.


Apply these ‘Cooperative Conversations’ skills in the recommended manner and all of the benefits outlined above will flow,  Talk to us as to how you might lock these benefits into your organisation, enhancing the culture one meeting at a time.