Queensland Law Society, a conventional hierarchically stratified organisation of 90 people, serving the interests of the legal profession in Queensland, initiated an in-house ‘Co-operative Conversations’ workshop.

Soon after the training, the following correspondence was received from the HR Manager.


Dear Ian,

I wish to place on record my appreciation of your providing me with a “structured formula” guide for inclusive team meetings,  providing a safe and supportive environment for every attendee to express their opinion no matter how introverted or junior they might be.

I like to think that I had some ability in developing teamwork in professional/administration work groups but I was amazed at how meetings run under your process unite and engender trust and understanding among attendees. 

The fact that processes/tasks/problems benefit from collective suggestions and staff take away appreciation of co-workers difficulties, I think individuals reap real benefit from just being asked for their views.  I would cite an employee who stated “I’ve worked for 37 years and this is the first time anyone asked for my opinion.”  Words like that are gold for managers!

Again, thanks Ian.

Mick Drake

HR Manager,

Qld Law Society