As a professional who feels as though half my career has been wasted in meetings that are unnecessarily long, lacking clear objectives and devoid of boundaries, I'd like to share with you how refreshing the content of your workshop was for me and others.  As an introvert, for years I have internalised resentment as colleagues and bosses monopolized my time simply because they substitute focus and meaningful exchanges of ideas and information for endless, idol and directionless talking.

The simple knowledge that key personnel in [our organisation] were exposed to the concepts and processes you shared with us has filled me with a sense of renewal and hope.  My boss was one of those people who operationalised your content and, so far, our fortnightly staff meetings have been significantly more productive and, blessedly, shorter.

When 'running' meetings I have always endeavoured to find ways for everybody in a team to contribute.  It was professionally validating to know that some of what you shared with us I already did but what was more exciting was the strategies and approaches that I can now employ to improve my practice.

Ryan Donovan