Nuffield Australia is the premier educational body for Australian farmers.  And it has affiliated organisations across the globe.  These provide generous and extensive annual travel scholarships to the best and brightest of the world’s emerging farmers.  Each year, selected scholars, early in their scholarship, attend an intensive one week gathering where they are exposed to the best farming practices in the host country.  In 2014, Australia hosted the International Contemporary Scholars Conference and welcomed 65 of the world’s best farmers.  To maximise the quality of their mutual learning, the Conference began by introducing participants to the tools and techniques of ‘Co-operative Conversations’.  These got the Conference off to a very successful flying start.

In 2014, Nuffield Australia conducted an extensive strategic planning exercise.  ‘Co-operative Conversations’ were employed in stakeholder engagement workshops and in the Board’s final workshop that pulled all of the data together.

Twelve months on, the following was received from Nuffield Australia’s CEO, Jim Geltch.

You would be very happy to know your modus operandi of ‘Co-operative Conversations’ is taking hold around the world.  It has become the norm for our national conference, the International Contemporary Scholars Conference and other ad hoc forums we hold around the country.  I believe it has been transformational in the way we engage with our stakeholders.

Jim Geltch
CEO Nuffield Australia Farming Scholars