Dear Ian,

I attended an all day workshop in which you gave us all many tools to hold more effective community meetings.  Last week I finally had the opportunity to hold a meeting using those tools.  I wanted to thank you.  I couldn't believe how well it all went - how much small group chatter it created, great brainstorming sessions, and how every participant at the end felt that they had been "heard" and included in the decision-making.

I will be holding a second such meeting after the school holidays -using The Rabbit Paddock, Group Rules, timers (we used little bells), "talking balls" (and we had talking dolls), small group discussions and voting, small group presentations, whole meeting brainstorming and then placing their favourite ideas on cards up on the wall and grouping ideas.....

We are developing a community needs survey for [my community] and, thanks to the skills I learnt from you, all is going very well so far.

So, just wanted to say thanks again....and that my boss would be interested in attending a workshop run by you if there are any coming up?

Jacki Ferro
Secondary Teacher