I would like to report that I have used your methods on a few occasions and they worked very well.

  1. As an assistant to the local Population Health unit on a 3 day engagement in the western Qld town of Hughenden. I hadn't completed reading your book but I used the philosophies and some of the techniques at the introduction of the consultation sessions that I ran.  It was mentioned by one of the Qld Health staff that the methods allowed for much freer and relaxed conversations once people had been allowed the time to consider and or note their opinions
  2. I was a lead facilitator on an internal engagement process involving 180 Council staff considering possible ways to restructure their section.  The section was all outdoor staff with a number of robust characters and some degree of cynicism.  As you mentioned in your talk, many of the more vocal characters twitched and fidgeted while the more contemplative people comfortably thought over their opinions. 

Very enjoyable to watch.  Your techniques allowed for an egalitarian method of communication and a very diverse set of solutions from staff. 

I presented your book and methods to the leadership group during the planning stages and there was initial scepticism.  Once the program had been completed and the consultation process evaluation sheets collated, it showed that only 3 of 180 staff did not appreciate the process.  Despite having to deal with solutions that may have been somewhat confronting, the leadership group were very satisfied that their staff had been properly listened to and understood.

It is the only method of engagement that I will now use.

Thank you

Jim Fitzgerald
Community Development Officer